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Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine.jpg
Real name: Thomas
Species: Locomotive
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Thomas the Tank Engine's Earth
Sex: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Weight: 118,200 lbs
Occupation: Railroad industry
Base: Sodor
Voiced/Played: Joseph May

Thomas the Tank Engine was a steam-powered locomotive from the Land of Sodor.

He often imagined himself as a member of the Super Friends, more specifically, he imagined that he was Superman.


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Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

None, although he did sometimes imagine himself to have all of Superman's powers.


  • Manual Labor: As a locomotive, he was capable of pulling heavy loads.




  • Thomas the Tank Engine was created by Wilbert Awdry and first appeared in Thomas the Tank Engine (1946).[1]
  • Thomas the Tank Engine later appeared in Thomas & Friends, which was created by Britt Allcroft. Fisher-Price made the toys, and in 2015, the franchise crossed over with Imaginext's DC Super Friends line.


  1. For more information about this Railway book, click here.

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