Polly Lean lies to Wonder Woman, telling her what her theory is.[1]

Theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking, or the results of such thinking. Theory is common in the scientific fields, used to explain things that cannot be explained by contemporary science. An example of a theory, is the theory of evolution.

When Wonder Woman was interrogating members of G.R.E.P.S., she was convinced that she was going the wrong way about investigating things. She was convinced that no on in the agency could have been involved with the theft of raw plastic. She was wrong however, and Polly Lean, who was involved with the thefts, intentionally misdirects Wonder Woman, telling her that she shares her theory.[2]

When the Junior Super Friends learn about the Raven, Marvin asks if he is still in prison, and Aquaman says: "Theoretically yes."[3]

Professor Maximus Mole held the theory that the legendary cave known as the Bottomless Cave was located in Cave County. In his later years, after his retirement, he himself learns that his theory was true.[4]

Doctor Hiram Gulliver had a theory about shrinking people with a machine he created, and it turned out to be right. He tested this theory on the astronauts and other people present for the First Manned-Mission to Mars at the United States Space Center.[5]


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