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World's Greatest Super-Heroes - DC Characters

DC Comics characters

World's Greatest Super-Heroes - Marvel Characters

Marvel Comics characters

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes! was a line of action figures made by Mego[1] beginning in 1972, predating the Super Friends series by a year, and no doubt a major kickoff for the show, which would become so popular on Saturday mornings not long later.

The action figures included in this set were both DC Comics characters and Marvel Comics characters. There were also several playsets and vehicles that were made available with the line. Today, these toys are very popular collectibles which gave rise to many other action figure lines from other toy companies, namely the Super Powers Collection from Kenner.

In 2010, Mattel revisited the line, releasing a new wave of figures called "Retro-Action Superheroes," featuring the classic Mego designs, complete with removable costumes. More recently, Figures Toy Company also made new figures for the line.

List of toys

8 inch figures

Twelve-inch figures

Bend n' flex figures

Die-cast figures

Elastic figures

1980 Mego World's Greatest Superheroes Commercial

1980 Mego World's Greatest Superheroes Commercial

Television commercial for the action figure line

Pocket Super-Heroes figures

Super Softies figures

Fist Fighters figures

Retro-Action Superheroes

Official World's Greatest Heroes!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


  1. In Mexico, the toys were made by Lili Ledy.

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