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'The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein'
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November 3, 1979
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A mad scientist and his assistant are building a monster, who breaks free and rampages in the country. Superman, and Wonder Woman in her invisible plane, are flying on patrol when they spot the monster. The creature throws a gasoline tanker at them, and Superman files off to catch it. Wonder Woman lands and catches the monster in her golden lasso. The monster is strong, and during the struggle breaks a natural gas pipeline. Wonder Woman is overcome by the natural gas and passes out, and the monster takes Wonder Woman back to the mad scientist lab. Superman returns and finds Wonder Woman missing, and uses his x-ray vision to see the heat patterns of the monster's footsteps. Meanwhile the mad scientist plans to transfer Wonder Woman's mind into the creature body. Superman arrives just in time to free Wonder Woman, and defeats the creature while Wonder Woman captures the mad scientist.

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This episode marks the third time in the SuperFriends universe that the team has met one of the original Universal monsters.  The other episodes are:

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This episode was purposely saved by either the producers or the network so it could premiere just a few days after Halloween 1979.

Several themes in this episode are lifted from the old Universial monster movies. Frankenstein's monster is brought to life using lightning and Transylvania also makes an appearence as the nearest city.

The two Austian doctors that help the SuperFriends are voiced by Olan Soule and Shannon Farnon.

This is the only episode that allows Robin to save the day by himself.


"The name of Frankenstein will soon live again!" Dr. Frankenstein.

"Good, now to bring life to my creation." Dr. Frankenstein.

"Hold it right there Dr. Frankenstein! You're infamous family has created evil and fear long enough. But that's about to change now that the SuperFriends have something to say about it."  Batman.

"Holy Monster Movies." Robin.

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Terror at 20,000 Fathoms
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The Planet of Oz
Season 4: The World’s Greatest Super Friends (1979)

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