The Roast
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January 25, 1979  
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Batman, Robin, Hawkman, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, the Flash, Huntress, Green Lantern and Hawkman decide to spend the day relaxing in the Hall of Heroes.

At this point, Batman tells everyone "good evening." He then tells them all to be seated. He goes on to tell them "on behalf of superheroes everywhere...and superheroines or super-persons if you prefer; I bid you welcome." He then introduces everyone to Ed McMahon, a man famous for relaxing and enjoying himself...according to Batman. It is he who is to be hosting the days festivities. The heroes then applaud his entrance.

As he walks in, he thanks everyone and tells them he hadn't seen people dressed like this since he had lunch at Alice Cooper's house. He goes on to say that all the capes look like Truman Capote's closet. He then goes on to state that he's delighted to be there with all his favorite superheroes. He goes on to say that "if you're a comic book fan you know they're all here." He said that they have super powers, some of which got them from falling into a vat of liquid. He told them the same thing happened to him at the Budweiser plant. He went on to say it must of worked, because an hour later he was trying to wrestle a Clydesdale. He then tells them that we're going to see the superheroes get roasted and toasted by their archenemies and other supervillains. He then says that they will learn something about their private lives as well, and that underneath their capes, gowns, clothes and masks they are just everyday fun-loving simple folks who can leap over buildings and fly. He then introduces Weather Wizard to come in.

He thanks everyone for their "warm welcome." And then goes straight into a "weather report." He tells them there's gonna be some snow in New England, some sunshine in Florida and finally some heavy rain, "right over there!" he said as he pointed his wand at the Flash, causing it to rain on him. He tells them that should give the some idea of the way he works, after telling everyone he loves tormenting his arch-enemy Flash. He then asks if anyone remembers last winter, when there was thirty-six feet of snow in Buffalo. And he goes on to comment about the flooding in Pennsylvania, Hurricane in Mexico. He then says: "Aki". He then asks if they remember last December in Fargo, North Dakota..."now that was cold!" he said. The heroes all stand up and say "How cold was it?" He then said that it was so cold, down at the mission on Skid Row, they were serving soup-on-a-stick. He then raised his wand and started creating a small storm of massive wind in the building.


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