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The New Adventures of Batman (2007)

2007 release

The New Adventures of Batman (2018)

2018 release

This two-disc DVD set was released as part of Warner Home Video's DC Comics Classic Collection.

It was released in 2007, then re-released in 2018.

It featured all sixteen episodes of the classic animated series called The New Adventures of Batman.

Although this was the second Batman series made by Filmation, it was actually released before The Adventures of Batman was, which didn't get released on DVD until 2014.


Warner Home Video

Release Dates

  • June 26, 2007 (original version)
  • October 2, 2018 (jewel case version)


Disc One

  1. The Pest
  2. The Moonman
  3. Trouble Identity
  4. A Sweet Joke on Gotham City
  5. The Bermuda Rectangle
  6. Bite-Sized
  7. Reading, Writing & Wronging
  8. The Chameleon

Disc Two - Side A

  1. He Who Laughs Last
  2. The Deep Freeze
  3. Dead Ringers
  4. Curses! Oiled Again!
  5. Birds Of A Feather Fool Around Together
  6. Have an Evil Day (1)
  7. Have an Evil Day (2)
  8. This Looks Like A Job For Bat-Mite!

Disc Two - Side B

The Dark Knight Revisited: Retrospective Featurette

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