December 1, 1973
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The Mysterious Moles is the thirteenth episode of the first season of the Super Friends. The story involved a jungle located almost as deep as the Earth's core. This jungle was inhabited by trees and rocks that can move about by themselves. Although it's unlikely that any episode from Season 1 ever received critical acclaim, this one certainly did not. This was mostly due to the absurdity of the story in general. Trees that can move about by themselves is one thing, at least plants are alive, however rocks also moving about all by themselves was pretty much viewed as silly by most viewers.

On the other hand, the story is quite imaginative, and it featured some of the most unique antagonists the show had ever had, they were the Mole family, a middle-aged couple where the wife takes the strong role of leadership, lording over her husband, whereas the husband was a kind-hearted man. Minimus is also portrayed as a much stronger female than her weaker husband.

The episode was fairly educational, as it taught viewers a little bit about science, such as speleology. There's even a little bit with Wonder Woman explaining how diamonds are formed.

This episode is also the first episode of the Super Friends series to feature dinosaurs. They are also inhabitants of Molesville. It should be noted however, that they are only briefly shown, in one little cameo appearance, when Molesville is first shown on screen. After that, they are not seen again, which makes one wonder if they were actually in the script to appear at all, or if it was just something Alex Toth put into his storyboards simply to add something to the show. It's not entirely certain for sure, but dinosaurs are seen again in later episodes.

This episode also features the first appearance of bats in this series. As many fans of the comic books know, Batman's entire look is based upon those nocturnal winged mammals. Also, there's a vehicle that fans of the comics might also recognize, the drillmobile, which is very similar to the Mighty Mole, the spelunking automobile of Cave Carson.

Another thing of note about this episode, was that it featured an entirely different character design and voice actor for Colonel Wilcox. His voice actor sounded kind of like Norman Alden, although this is just a guess. John Stephenson had previously provided his voice for all of his other appearances. It's possible he was not available to record his lines for this episode. But even if he wasn't available to record, that still doesn't explain why Wilcox's character design was different.


While investigating the disappearance of a few air conditioners, the Super Friends discover an underground world populated by moving rocks and trees. The Super Friends also locate a couple named Minimus and Maximus Mole who are behind the air conditioner thefts. They are using special water from an underground lagoon to make trees and rocks steal the air conditioners for them. They want the air conditioners so that they can cool down an area near a crater so that they can have access to the crater's enormous supply of diamonds.

Plot Summary

Plot Summary for ‘The Mysterious Moles’

While on a bike ride in the country, Marvin White and Wendy Harris, along with Wonder Dog, decide to take a rest break. Marvin then kneels down to the ground and draws a map in the dirt, showing Wendy that they are in the center of Cave County. Wendy then expresses her interest in returning to this county to explore the caves. Wonder Dog notices some unusual footprints. Marvin believes that the footprints look like giant chicken tracks. They head back to their bikes with the intention of following the tracks, but when they come back to their bikes it looks as though their bikes and their knapsacks have been moved. But upon further investigation, Marvin notices that his map, which he drew right next to a boulder, was also moved. Wendy then suggests that it was the boulder and the tree that moved. Marvin doesn't know how that could be, and Wendy is baffled as well, she then decides they need to report their findings to the Superfriends.

A short time later at the Hall of Justice, the kids report their findings to the team. The Superfriends are having a hard time believing it, and Marvin describes the tree as being about the size of an oak tree. Robin found it unlikely that someone could have moved an oak tree while their backs were turned. But Wendy told him it sure seemed to be the case. Batman tells them they'll check it out. Once he, Robin and the kids are gone, Aquaman assumes that Batman just wants to take a ride in the country, implying that he doesn't actually believe the story, but he's using it as an excuse to go for a drive. Wonder Woman then states that it is a beautiful day. Just then, the TroubAlert goes off and Superman sees that a few factories have had their air conditioners stolen, a total of four units, and the police have no clues.

While in Cave County, the Batmobile comes to a stop at the spot the kids took a break at. To the kids surprise, the tree and rock are nowhere to be found, but they suggest whoever lives in the house nearby would no, because they would see the tree and boulder everytime they look out the window. Batman then takes the kids to the front door, and they decide to pay the residents a visit. An angry looking woman named Minimus Mole comes opens the door and Batman asks if she had ever noticed a rock and a tree out front in the clearing that morning. Rudely, she tells him there never was a tree or boulder there. She then asks if they were playing some kind of joke on her. Batman tries to apologize, but she slams the door. Marvin then tells them they couldn't have dreamed it. Batman, still not believing their story, says "Well, that's that." He then smiles and they leave in the Batmobile. Mrs. Mole then comes outside when they are gone. She then signals to her husband to come back to the house, and just then, off in the distance, her husband and a walking tree and boulder starts to head back toward the house. The tree is holding an air conditioner.

Back at the Hall, Wonder Woman is investigating the air conditioner thefts. She discusses with the others about how a Printing Plant, Textile Factory, Paper Factory and a Pharmaceutical Plant were all stripped of their air conditioners. Superman then says it's hardly a national disaster, but they have to take action. Just then, Batman and the others get back from Cave County, and Batman tells them there was nothing going on at that roadside clearing. Superman asks if he's sure they got the right place. Marvin then answers affirmatively. Aquaman asks if they had seen anything else strange, and they realized they forgot to mention the strange giant chicken tracks they saw leading into or out of the forest. Naturally Batman is in disbelief, at that Wendy says: "Jeepers, we should have shown you those tracks when you were there!" Batman sarcastically tells them to let them know if they see anymore giant chicken tracks, and then at that, the kids decide to go check out the clearing again to see if they can find those tracks. As they leave, Robin says: "Holy fairy tales! A giant chicken!" Batman then adds: "And trees and rocks that walk by themselves." Just then, the TroubAlert sounds and the Super Friends switch it on and see the face of Colonel Wilcox on the Justice League Monitor. He tells them that last night someone stole the air conditioner unit from the roof of the Government Research Laboratory. "Great Neptune! It looks like a tornado hit it!", is what Aquaman says in response to the surprising sight. Superman then says the unit must have weighed two tons. Wilcox tells them that it was custom made for their Medical lab. Because it will take months to replace, the government is forced to put their medical experiment on hold, one that involved steps they were going to take for a possible epidemic that the United States may be facing next winter. They had been working to develop a vaccine in order to prevent it, but the experiments will only work in cool, purified air. Superman then tells the colonel they'll get right on it. Batman and Robin decide that they will go to investigate the theft of the air conditioner, and Wonder Woman tells them that it's in Cave County. Robin can't help but think that's quite a coincidence, since that's where they were with the kids. Superman tells him it might not be a coincidence. Batman then agrees, and then says: "Let's roll Teen Wonder, to the Batmobile."

Meanwhile, the kids are heading back to the clearing on their bicycles. But they can't find it, because instead of locating the old house they see a truck stop in its' place, called Min & Max Trucking Company. Thinking that they haven't got to the location yet, they keep on riding, but when they pass a billboard sign advertising Fairyland Caves, they are now positive they must have made a wrong turn, they then go back and see where they made the wrong turn. They then arrive at the clearing and find the map that Marvin drew on the ground. But Marvin is baffled, because he remembered there being an old house across from the clearing, and not a truck garage. They go to the door and knock on it, but they realize that the mechanic may be down in the grease pit and not able to hear. They go in anyway, without permission, and it's dark, Marvin presses a button on the wall, thinking it's the light switch. It actually isn't, and instead, the switch activates a hidden motor, which causes the entire building to turn around, making it clear that the truck garage and the house are one and the same. As Marvin turns on his flashlight, he sees that they are not in a truck garage, because there's no sign of any mechanic's tools, no work benches or grease pit or not even an old truck tire laying around. They notice that there are also air conditioning machines in the corner of the room. They also notice curtains on the windows, as if they are in a house. Upon stepping through the backdoor, the determine they are not at the back of the truck garage, but that they are in the front of the Mole's house. They are no quite confused, since they came through the front and exited the front from the back, a very peculiar contradiction. They then decide to look for a clue by following the giant tracks, which was why they had came there to begin with.

Meanwhile, the Dynamic Duo arrive at the medical lab in Cave County, and find that it is closed, and will remain that way until the air conditioner is replaced. Batman then tells Robin that research work involving microbes and medicines involves purified air and cool temperatures. Robin then tells Batman he'd like to catch those crooks and put them in the "cooler" for a long stretch. Batman tells him that's a good place for air conditioner thieves.

They then use their batropes to check out the roof, and Batman notices that the steel rods holding the air conditioner in place was torn and twisted like taffy. Robin then says: "Pardon my slang, Batman, but this air cooling unit was really ripped off." Batman assumes that whoever did this job must have used a crane with tractor treads. They then check the ground for tractor prints, with no luck. They don't even find tire tracks. Robin asks Batman if its' possible for a tractor to have gone through the woods. Batman then tells him the foliage is too thick. He goes on to say that they have a real puzzle to solve. They then realize they'll have to have a combined think-session with all the Super Friends.

Meanwhile, the kids are following the tracks, and although Marvin is nervous the tracks may lead to some giant creature, Wendy tells him she'll play it cool and calm...and run like mad, screaming at the top of her lungs. The tracks then lead them to a knocked over tree, with shoe prints all around it. Marvin then notices that where the tree once was is the entrance to a cave. They decide against getting Batman and Robin since they suspect that the hole would be gone by the time they got back. They start to climb down. Using his flashlight, they then keep moving, seeing where the cave leads. Marvin then marks the trail using chalk. They then begin their subterranean adventure.

Back at the Hall of Justice, the "think-session" begins, as the Super Friends use their super-brain power to figure it out. On the blackboard, there is written; the stolen air conditioners, the tree and the boulder, and the Moles. Wonder Woman then says she wonders if those things are all connected. But their investigation has not seemed to uncover any rock or tree, and the housewife acted like they were out of their minds when she was questioned about it. Aquaman stated that their story was rather incredible, but Superman retorts that they had reported weird things in the past that turned out to be true. Robin then remembers that the housewife was dressed in mountain-climbing gear. Wonder Woman then says that there are no mountains in Cave County. Robin then states that there is something fishy about that. Aquaman tells the team that he'll check the general information computer to see what he can learn about the Moles. He then learns that they are highly regarded spelunkers. Maximus Mole is a retired professor of speleology, which is the study of caves and caverns. Wonder Woman says that she recalls them now, and how Mr. Mole wrote a book about his search for the legendary Bottomless Cave. Superman tells them he never found it, but his theory was that it is located somewhere in Cave County. Robin states that's why she was wearing the gear. Batman then says: "A small pick, a coil of rope, pitons." The same tools that are used for exploring caves. Superman then asks how spelunking ties in with stolen air conditioners.

The kids continue descending deeper into the cave which, although they aren't aware, is actually Bottomless Cave. The continue their descent until they find themselves about a mile below the surface, realizing it's starting to warm up like a steam bath, despite that fact that when they entered the cave, it was quite cool. Just then, Wonder Dog sneezes. Just then, a voice is heard saying: "Gesundheit, Max." It's then that the kids realize they aren't alone in the cave, and they see the Mole family below, further down the cave path. Minnie tells Max that she told him to wear his long underwear. He then tells her that he is wearing long underwear. He told her that he didn't sneeze, but she then called him "absent minded." He tells her he wants to take a break from climbing down, since he's not a young man anymore. They stop on a ledge, and she meanly states to him that he was an old man his entire life, and that it's his fault they have to climb back down since he burned out the magneto, which is a motor part they have to replace for their drillmobile. He tells her to remind him while they are down there to refill his bottle with walk water. She tells him she will remind her, and that he'd forget his head if it wasn't fastened to his shoulders, which she admits there are times she thinks it isn't. She then tells him they need to keep moving. He obeys.

Meanwhile, above, Marvin and Wendy were overhearing their conversation, but as the Moles continue to descend they can't hear them being so far down. They wonder what a drillmobile and walk water is. Marvin suggests in a joking manner the walk water may be a type of foot lotion. He then laughs. Wendy laughs, although sarcastically. She then says that if it is a lotion, she wishes she had some, since her feet are killing her.

At the Hall of Justice, the think-session continues, and Wonder Woman hypothesizes the possibility that the Moles discovered Bottomless Cave, and learned that it reaches a depth to warm for comfort, meaning they need air conditioners. But Superman then asks her how a middle-aged couple could remove cooling units from factory rooftops and transport them underground. And also, another question he posed was "Where would they get electric power to run those machines - five miles below the surface?" Wonder Woman then says those are puzzlers. But Wonder Woman concludes that it must have happened, because all the thefts took place within a short distance of their home, and then there's also the report Marvin and Wendy gave about the rocks and trees, which occurred directly across the road from the Mole house. Aquaman then tells them that the kids had also gone to check out the giant chicken tracks they claimed to have seen. Robin then says: "Holy humble pie! Marvin and Wendy may be on to something after all." Just then they realize that the kids may be heading for some trouble. They then head back to Cave County but Superman decides he isn't going because he wants to check out a theory of his own--the biggest and most powerful air conditioning unit in the area is located on the roof of the Power & Electric Company, which is a tempting target for cooling unit thieves.

Far below the ground, near the bottom of the Earth's crust, the Mole family finally reach Molesville, an underground jungle. Max remarks about its' beauty, but his wife reminds him they have work to do since they can't get anywhere near the diamonds in the jungle because of their proximity to a flame spewing volcano, and the heat is to strong to approach the fissure. They then approach their drillmobile, which is capable of boring through solid rock and soil. Minnie then installs the new Magneto, so that the vehicle will drive again. Minnie then reminds Max about the walk water.

At a lagoon, Max begins filling up his bottle. Just then, a Walking Palm Tree walks up to the lagoon and puts its' roots into the water, soaking up the water into its' roots. Max Mole then remarks how it's a good thing that the water in the lagoon gives the plantlife of Molesville the ability to move about by themselves, otherwise they would die of thirst. He then tells the tree that he and his wife are returning to the surface but they will be back soon.

Later, the drillmobile begins to leave Molesville, with Minnie driving the vehicle. It then moves upward as it bores its' way through solid rock and soil, making its' way to the surface. Minnie mentions how there's billions of dollars worth of diamonds laying around that crater, but they can't get near it because of the heat.

While in the Batmobile, the four Superfriends pass Graham's Bond Pty Ltd. and Crura Brnsii, making their way through the city toward Cave County. Wonder Woman then sees Superman in flight above the city, and Robin says it sure beats driving through traffic.

Superman then lands on top of the power plant, and he assumes that if the thieves do attempt to steal the cooling unit, they will use a powerful crane-copter to lift it. He then decides to go on sky watch and hides himself behind the cooling unit, realizing they won't notice him there.

Meanwhile, the Mole family are about to get to the surface, but it's then that Max realizes he forgot to turn the house around, and he left the truck garage facing the road. This irritates Minnie, who makes another rude comment about his absent mindedness. They surface, and the drillmobile enters the garage. She then has has her husband check the road and get a tree to help the loading while she opens up the cargo hatch. He then waters a tree and a boulder and has the tree load the cooling units into the vehicle and the boulder erase the tracks of the tree.

Meanwhile in Bottomless Cave, the kids and Wonder Dog continue their hike back to the surface, and they a frightened by the appearance of a bat, and they take off running. And since the bat startled them, they lost their trail, and don't know how to get back, but Marvin assures Wendy he knows the direction--is up.

Meanwhile, with the drillmobile completely loaded, the Moles get in the vehicle and begin drilling back into the Earth, to head back to Molesville. Max is then nervously biting his nails. This annoys his wife, who tells him: "Stop biting your nails!" He then tells her that he's worried, because he doesn't feel right about stealing the cooling units. She tells him just to think of it as borrowing. She probably said that because once they get all the diamonds they could afford to pay the factories back for what they stole. He then asks her how can they plug the air conditioners in without anything to plug them into, because there's no power down there. She then tells him she has a plan. And when they return to the surface they can put it into effect. She then tells him not to lose his bottle of walk water.

Meanwhile, the four Super Friends arrive at the roadside clearing Robin immediately notices that the tree and the boulder is now there, just like the kids said. Batman then says: "Great blazes!" They then notice that the place is a truck garage rather then the Mole house. Robin is somewhat freaked, but Batman tells him not to come unglued. He realizes they are in the right place, especially since he sees there name on the building. They then approach the door and knock, the door comes open on its' own, because Robin's knock pushed it open. Just as Marvin and Wendy did before, they hit what they thought was the light switch, and the building turned. Batman then turns on his batlight. They then realize they are not in a truck garage. They then walk out what they think is the back door, but is actually the front, and as they look outside, Wonder Woman shouts: "Great Aphrodite!", while Aquaman says: "Great Neptune!", Batman says: "Great blazes!" and finally Robin says: "Holy turnabouts!" Batman then states that they are on some sort of motorized turntable, proving that the Moles are up to some sort of trickery, and that Marvin and Wendy are caught up in it. They then decide to follow the giant chicken tracks and the kid's bike tracks.

Meanwhile in Bottomless Cave, Marvin and Wendy are running upward, but are still quite lost. Then the sound of flowing water can be heard. They then discover an underground river with giant mushrooms all growing around it. Wendy then says she wants to soak her aching feet. Marvin then realizes that water flows downhill, and if they follow the river upstream, they'll reach the surface. Wendy tells him it's not possible for them to fit through the tiny holes that go upstream, so they decide to go downstream, hoping it will take them to Molesville so they can ask the Moles how to get back to the surface. Marvin then breaks a mushroom down and then starts scooping out the inside, making a small watercraft out of the mushroom's head. He tells Wendy that some of his most super-ideas come from Nursery rhymes, then he quotes Rub-a-dub-dub: "Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub." They begin moving downstream in their mushroom watercraft.

While on the roof of the power plant, Superman uses his telescopic vision to spot a man that he is unaware is actually Maximus Mole, wearing mountain-climbing gear. Superman dismisses him as suspicious though, since he's in the mountains, and he continues to watch for a crane-copter. What he doesn't realize is that Max is sprinkling his walk water on the rocks in those mountains, giving them life. Max tells the rocks that they all have their instructions, and that they should wait a half an hour before they go, and he reminds them that this is important to their cousins, (the rocks of Molesville) down below. Max then thanks the rocks for their cooperation.

Meanwhile, the four Super Friends continue on the trail to search for the kids. They located their bikes, and realize they are on the right track. Wonder Woman then begins to call out their names. Just then Robin notices the cave opening and the beginning of Marvin's trail he marked with chalk. Batman realizes it might be the long sought entrance to Bottomless Cave. Wonder Woman then says: "Great Athena!" She goes on to say that they could be lost down there. The Super Friends then decide to head down there.

Meanwhile below, the kids continue down river in their mushroom, and they realized they have entered an underground world, and Wendy comments how she had never seen trees like that before. They then find themselves heading toward a waterfall. Just as the think they are about to fall into a watery grave, they are snatched up by some friendly palm trees. As Marvin sees a palm tree walking, he tells Wendy he thinks he needs to see an eye doctor. Wendy tells him to schedule an appointment for both of them. She then notices another one, attempting to scratch it's trunk with its' leaves. An friendly walking boulder then scratches the tree's back for it. Wendy then realizes that this explains what happened to them at the roadside clearing. Marvin asks how a tree and a rock could get to the surface. Wendy tells him the real question is how are they gonna get to the surface. Marvin then tells her they have to find the Moles. They then realize that even if the don't find them they still know they would have had to have gotten there through a tunnel, they then decide to loof for a tunnel entrance. Marvin decides to climb a tree to get a better look at the place. But Wendy says he should ask permission first, since these trees move about like animals. He then asks a tree if he can climb it. Immediately the palm tree picks him up. He then looks around and tells her he sees it. She asks him how far it is, and he says about fifty or sixty yards. Marvin then asks the tree to put him down, and just as it does, it gets caught by some yellow tentacle. Marvin explains that the tree is his buddy, and he's not gonna let that thing get him. They then go for help. They come to a bunch of rocks and tell them that one of their friends, a tree is getting attacked. Marvin shows them that the underwater creature is trying to pull the tree into the lagoon. The rocks begin attacking the creature, using their bodies to smash the creature's appendage. The kids cheer as the creature finally lets go of the tree. Just then, another tentacle comes up out of the water and grabs the tree again. Marvin calls the boulders for help, asking them to come back.

Elsewhere, at the Molesville Entrance, the four Superfriends, having finally arrived, heard Marvin calling for help. Aquaman immediately jumps into the lagoon to assist them. Robin then says: "Holy sauna baths, where are we?" Batman tells him to forget about that for now, because they might have to help Aquaman. The kids notice Aquaman in the water. Aquaman then faces the giant monster in the lagoon. Aquaman then thinks to himself, "By the beard of Poseidon, what is that!" He then grabs one of the creature's tentacles, and traps it in a hole in a rock, the creature lets go of the tree to go after Aquaman with the other tentacle. He then ties the tentacles into a knot. He then says: "They say you can't put a camel through a needle's eye. Thank goodness this isn't a camel." Aquaman then decides to have a rap session with the creature. He starts to communicate with the creature telepathically, and the creature begins speaking in some strange monster language. He told Aquaman he was just having some fun, a little harmless mischief. Aquaman then told him that he scared the tree, and he has him raise his right tentacle and promise he'll never do that again. Of course the creature is unable to do that with his appendages tied but he promises nonetheless. Aquaman unties the creature and tells him to remember his promise.

Not long later, Aquaman emerges from the lagoon. Wonder Woman asks him if he is okay, and he tells her it was just a lake creature horsing around. He goes on to tell him that he's a youngster, and that he doesn't think he'll do it again. Just then, a leaf of the tree comes down to shake Aquaman's hand, and Aquaman is surprised, and Batman says it's just one of the trees around here, and that his bark is worse than his bite. He goes on to say that in this world, trees can walk. Wonder Woman then says that rocks can as well. Just then, Wendy notices a diamond on the ground. And the Aquaman then sees that their are diamonds all over, next to the crater. Wonder Woman then explains how diamonds are formed and that the diamonds they see by the crater were probably originally far below there current location. Robin then says that the heat is far too great for anyone to go get the diamonds over there. They then move on.

As they continue exploring Molesville, Superman is waiting on a crane-copter. Instead, he is surprised to see rocks rolling by themselves. He then says: "Great Scott!" He then remembers that their are factories, parks and a zoo located in that valley, and he has to stop the rocks from crushing them. Superman, moving faster than a speeding bullet, digs a trench across the base of the mountainside.

However, since Superman had to leave the power plant to avert the disaster of the rolling rocks, another rock seizes the moment and smashes a hole in the power plant. Then the walking tree grabs the dynamo inside the building to power the cooling units of Molesville, the tree then loads it onto the drillmobile. Although Superman was right about the thieves hitting the power plant, he was wrong about what they were going to steal, which wasn't the cooling unit, but rather the dynamo. The drillmobile then heads back down to Molesville.

Back at the mountainside, Superman wonders what could have caused the rocks to roll all by themselves. He thought it could have been a trick, a deliberate ruse to lure him away, but as he looks with his telescopic vision to check out the scene at the power plant, he sees that the cooling unit is still there.

While in Molesville, the four Superfriends located the stolen air conditioners. Wonder Woman then deduces that they must need them to cool Molesville to a temperature that is sufficient for gathering the diamonds. The kids then asked how they could have gotten them down there, and how could they power them, without electricity at this depth. Batman assumes the answers to their questions will come before long. Just then, the drillmobile comes drilling its' way through stone. The alarm caused Wonder Woman to exclaim: "Great Aphrodite!" Batman has everyone step back. Robin then says: "Holy gophers, a tunnel-borer!" They recognize the woman driving, who is Minnie Mole, and they deduce that the man is Maximus Mole. Minnie is upset; she then says: "Oh ding-ding blathering blithers!" She then gets out a microphone and tells the Superfriends to leave immediately because they are trespassing on private property. Wonder Woman then argues, saying that the air conditioners are also private property, someone else's. Batman tells the kids there may be trouble, he then has them go wait in the cave. Wonder Woman tells Minnie Mole that she's taking them and the cooling units with them. Minnie then says: "All right, you asked for it!" She then tells the rocks to attack the Superfriends. The trees then form a line behind the rocks, in a somewhat military formation. Robin is surprised, thinking that the trees and rocks were the good guys. Batman tells Robin they aren't bad, they are just being misled by Minnie Mole. Wonder Woman decides they might be able to reason with the trees and rocks. Wonder Woman tells the trees and rocks that the Moles have broken the law, and that they are dishonest. Minnie tells them not to listen to her, because they were doing it for them, to help them cool off and survive in such a hot environment. Wonder Woman then tells Minnie to tell the trees and rocks her true purpose for being there, so that they could take the diamonds. The trees and rocks don't believe the Super Friends, and they continue in their attempts to drive them out of Molesville. Robin then says: "Holy cul-de-sacs, we can't fight them and we can't join them."

Meanwhile, at the power plant, a man at the power plant tells Superman about how the tree used its' branches to load the dynamo into the drillmobile and it started boring downward into the side of the cliff. Superman then thanks the man, and he begins drilling at super speed, plowing his way through the loose dirt that was caused by the drillmobile, and he follows its' path.

While in Bottomless Cave, a boulder is trapping the kids in the cave, so that they can't enter Molesville, and it moves to let the Superfriends in, which were being driven back by the trees and rocks. Wonder Woman then picks up the rock that blocked them and heaves it downhill toward the other rocks, causing them to scatter. Then a fight between the Superfriends and the trees and rocks breaks out. During the fight, Aquaman jumps into the lagoon and gets help from the yellow lagoon creature. He tells the monster grab the trees. The creature hesitates, knowing that before Aquaman told him that it was wrong, but Aquaman tells him it's an emergency.

In the drillmobile, the Moles are watching the fight and Max happily says "Oh good, we're losing!" But Minnie isn't happy, although she admits that he is right. She then says they better get out of there while the Super Friends are busy. They then begin tunneling in their vehicle once again, and the kids tell the Superfriends they're escaping. Robin then says: "Holy sandhogs, with that machine, they could come up anywhere in the world." But they then notice that the machine starts to come back, because Superman was pushing it back, with his super strength. He then lifts the huge vehicle and tells them they can either call of the trees and rocks attack, or get dipped into Molesville Lagoon. Max is excited, because he gets to meet the Man of Steel in person. She then tells the trees and rocks to stand down.

Sometime later, Superman has the trees load the air conditioners into the drillmobile to get them back to their owner. Max then tells the Super Friends that the only reason they stole the cooling units was to help cool the trees and rocks. Batman tells him he doesn't think that's the whole story. Just then, Minnie tells them they were going to pay the original owners double the worth of the cooling units. Robin asked her "When?" She then admitted she'd planned to do it after they got the diamonds. Wonder Woman tells her that's not how it's done. Aquaman then asks them when they discovered this world, why they didn't report it to the authorities. Although Max wanted to, Minnie admitted she would let him, because she was afraid a bunch of greedy people would come down there after the diamonds. She then realizes it was she that was the greedy one. She then apologizes for all the trouble that she had caused. Max asks the Super Friends what will happen to them, and they tell them they will get a fair hearing. Superman tells them the drillmobile is loaded, and asks if everyone is ready to go. Aquaman asks what they should do with this place. Batman then tells him that it's peaceful and innocent, and best to keep that world separate from theirs. Robin then said that if people started bringing walk water to the surface it would cause a mass confusion, because rocks and trees would move about by themselves. Superman tells them he agrees, and that he'll seal the entrances. Wonder Woman looks at the trees scratching themselves and feels sorry for them. She can tell they are in agony from the heat, and if the heat continues they will die out. But Superman tells them he'll take care of that problem too. They all get aboard the drillmobile, and head back to the surface.

A short while later, Superman is in flight over Antarctica. Reaching the ice cap, he plunges into it, drilling his way into the ground, creating a pipeline to carry the cool air from the South Pole to Molesville. He returns to Cave County, where he permanently seals the cave, never to allow anyone to enter Molesville again. Superman then finds a note next to what used to be the entrance to Bottomless Cave. The note was written by Wendy, telling Superman to meet the Super Friends for a picnic lunch at the clearing. Superman then decides it's a perfect opportunity for a dramatic entrance.

At the roadside clearing, the Super Friends are having their picnic, and waiting on Superman to join them. They then see the house turning on its' turntable once again. Robin then says: "Holy Houdini, did the Moles escape?" Then the house starts flying into the sky. Superman then tells them to cool it, because he's going to join them as soon as he takes care of the house. Marvin then says: "We dig." And then Superman tells him not to use that word, as he's done more digging today than he has in his whole life. The Super Friends then laugh and wave as the Man of Steel flies away...


  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Danny Dark     Superman
 Olan Soule     Batman
 Casey Kasem     Robin
 Shannon Farnon     Wonder Woman
 Norman Alden     Aquaman
 Frank Welker     Marvin White
 Sherry Alberoni     Wendy Harris
 Frank Welker     Wonder Dog
 Ted Knight     Narrator
  G u e s t   C a s t  
 Norman Alden[1]     Colonel Wilcox (different appearance)
 Sherry Alberoni     Minimus Mole 
 Olan Soule     Maximus Mole
 Casey Kasem     Electric Power Plant Employee





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Continuity in Other Media

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Episode Title

The title of the episode; "The Mysterious Moles," refers to the Mole family, who were pretty mysterious until their plot was discovered.

Also, their name was "Mole," obviously because they tunneled through the ground like moles.



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  1. This is conjecture.

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Season 1: SuperFriends (1973)

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