Dr. Droid brings to life an 8-foot tall Frankenstein-like robot monster who causes havoc to a town. Superman and Wonder Woman try to defeat the robot, but the robot attacks by throwing an oil truck at Superman, and when Wonder Woman lassos the robot, it trips on a pipe andvreleases a gas that puts Wonder Woman to sleep, and the robot decides to abduct her.  While Superman tries to locate her, Wonder Woman is on a flat bed in Dr. Droid's lab and he is about to transfer Wonder Woman's brain waves to the robot, but Superman arrived just in time, and uses his freeze breath to stun the villain, but the villain and his robot escape in their car.  Wonder Woman creates a road block by lassoing a big boulder and brings it down towards the road.  Meanwhile, the robot is climbing down the cliff but Superman discovers him and the robot throws a boulder at Superman, who uses his power action punch to smash the boulder, but causes the the robot to malfunction, and Dr. Droid ends up in the police car, heading to prison.

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