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September 13, 1980
5 min. 53 sec.
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A disgruntled make-up man on the set of a movie discovers a formula that allows him to make himself up into any powerful monster he chooses. With the formula, he wreaks havoc and wrecks the movie studio and only the SuperFriends dare to challenge him.


Plot Summary

A young woman is running through the swamp scared. She is captured by a swamp creature. Just then Batman and Robin and the Flash arrive. The Flash zips over and is captured too. Batman lassos the creature with his Bat-cables.....just then you hear, 'Cut'.

The real Batman looks over and says, "What's the trouble Mr. Snyder, it looked OK to me." Mr. Snyder is upset about the creatures make-up. He sends the mask back to the make-up man.

The Make-up man is not happy. He complains that this is his third attempt to get it right. Desperate he uses an 'un-tested' hormone solution on the mask and tries it on. It transforms him into the very monster he created. The creature goes on a rampage and starts to destroy the set. He is quickly captured by the Flash.

While in the cell the Flash had quickly built around him, he paints his face with the hormone solution becoming human again. He then yells that with this formula he can become any creature he wants too. He paints his face again and becomes a pterodactyl. He easily escapes, but not before he grabs the young female actress.

He flies to a part of a set that has a military battle scene and turns on the FX machine. Batman, Robin and Flash are caught in the middle. They are forced into the trenches. While there they believe that what they have to do is counter act the hormone solution. So they get out and go to the parking lot, to the trunk of the Batmobile. Inside the trunk is Batman's personal chemical lab. They create a solution hoping it will do the trick.

Outside the studio the make-up man has the captured girl. He paints his face again and becomes King Kong. Batman, Robin and the Flash arrive and the make-up man grabs the girl and climbs a tower outside the studio. While on the tower he drops the girl and the Flash catches her. Batman is then able to spray the solution on King-Kong, changing him back to 'Bud'.

Mr. Snyder is so pleased that as a reward he wants to give them a contract to star in his next film. He responds by saying that they "already have a lifetime contract with the Justice League". The Flash then says, "that's right, and being a SuperFriend is hard enough with out having to be superstars."


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  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Olan Soule     Batman   
 Casey Kasem     Robin
 Jack Angel     The Flash
  G u e s t   C a s t  
      Mr. Snyder
      Make-Up Man/Bud   

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1980 Shorts (part 1)

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