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A Filmation series
Kid Power Hour Hour - Title Card.jpg
The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!


September 12, 1981
Original Channel
Original Run
9/12/1981 – 3/6/1982

Bill Danch
Paul Dini
Coslough Johnson
Fred Ladd
Robby London
Paul J. Nadel
Dennis O'Flaherty
Tom Ruegger
Arthur H. Nadel (live-action sequences)
Arthur H. Nadel
Executive Producer(s)
Norm Prescott
Lou Scheimer
Production Company

The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam.png

The Kid Superpower Hour with Shazam! series, which aired in 1981 on NBC Saturday mornings." It was made by Filmation Productions and it was a whole hour.

It featured two segments, "Hero High" and "Shazam!"

These cartoon segments are interspersed with live-action segments[1] that introduced the music and joke telling of the rock group hero-high.

From time to time the characters of one show would appear in the other. Isis from The Secrets of Isis also made a guest appearance in animated form on Hero High.

First Segment: Hero High

Hero High Title Card

The Hero High segment focused on the adventures of super powered teenagers in high school that are learning how to be superheroes. They have all the typical teenage activities, rivalries and events, but modified for their powers and skills.


  • Mr. Samson (the elderly principal) - Norm Prescott
  • Narrator / Miss Grimm (the teacher) - Linda Gary

The seven main students were:
Good Teens:


Hero High Opening Intro Filmation

Hero High Intro

Rotten Teens:

Additional characters:

  • Awol (a kid who could disappear) -[?]
  • Bratman (little boy who cried & threw super tantrums) - Erika Scheimer
  • Peter Penguin (a trench-coat wearing bird ala Harpo Marx) -[?]
  • Giggler the hyena (who hanged with Rex & Trixie) -[?]
  • Police Chief Hardy (Misty Magic's uncle who ran the police force) -[?]

Second Segment: Shazam!

Shazam! Title Card

The companion segment, Shazam!, focuses on the adventures of the Marvel Family.

This version of Captain Marvel stayed true to its comic roots. Billy Batson was a boy broadcaster who works with his twin sister, Mary Batson.

Together they were given the powers of six great gods and heroes and whenever they say the name of the ancient wizard, "Shazam", they are transformed into the mightiest mortals. So amazing and sudden is the change that most people don't even realize what has happened.


Shazam! -1981 Intro-

Shazam! Intro

Billy draws on the power of:

Mary draws on the power of:

  • Selena - Grace
  • Hippolyta - Strength
  • Ariadne - Skill
  • Zephyrus - speed
  • Aurora - beauty (invulnerability of body)
  • Minerva - Wisdom (invulnerability of mind)

Billy and Mary Batson and their friend, Freddy Freeman, are ordinary kids who have a wonderful secret and a great responsibility – to battle the sinister forces of evil. For Freddy to transform into Captain Marvel Jr., he must say the name of his favorite superhero, "Captain Marvel" to call the magic lightning. Together with Billy and Mary, they fight the threats to the world.


Good Guys:

Main Villains:

Episode Guide

    Ep #         "Hero High" Episodes         "Shazam" Episodes         Initial airing    
1 The Art Of Ballot     Who's Who at the Zoo?     September 12, 1981    
2 What's News     The Incredible Sinking City     September 19, 1981    
3 Rat Fink Rex     Best Seller     September 26, 1981   
4 Do The Computer Stomp     Flight 601 Has Vanished     October 3, 1981   
5 Malt Shop Mayhem     Black Adam's Return     October 10, 1981   
6 Boo Who     A Menacing Family Affair     October 17, 1981   
7 Cover Twirl     Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day     October 24, 1981   
8 My Job Is Yours     A Little Something Extra     October 31, 1981   
9 Girl Of His Dreams     The Airport Caper!     November 7, 1981    
10 The Not So Great Outdoors     The Girl of His Dreams     November 14, 1981   
11 Off Her Rocker     Mr. Atom, The Smasher     November 21, 1981   
12 Follow The Litter     The Circus Plot     November 28, 1981    
13 Jog-A-Long     Star Master and the Solar Mirror     December 5, 1981    
14 He Sinks Seaships         December 12, 1981   
15 Starfire, Where Are You?         December 19, 1981    
16 The Captives         December 26, 1981   
17 High-Rise Hijinx         January 2, 1982   
18 Track Race         January 9, 1982   
19 A Clone Of His Own         January 16, 1982   
20 Game Of Chance         January 23, 1982   
21 The Umpire Strikes Back         January 30, 1982   
22 The Human Fly         February 06, 1982    
23 The Big Bang Theory         February 13, 1982   
24 Law Of The Pack         February 20, 1982   
25 A Fistful Of Knuckles         February 27, 1982   
26 The Blow-Away Blimp         March 6, 1982   


  • There were two cartoons per week, one at their high school while another had them solving cases with Chief Hardy.
  • There's also 4 live action segments featuring the seven Hero High characters.
  • One would be the song of the week while
  • The other three would be sketches that had corny jokes (think of it as either Laugh In Jr. or Hee Haw Jr.)


When Filmation had this idea, they wanted to use the Archie characters & title it Super Archies (Punk Rock & Misty Magic would've been the outside characters). But they lost the rights to Archie, they had to restructure the show.


  1. The "live-action" segments featured the stars of Hero High as a seven-member rock band. The kids performed comedy skits with Laugh-In-style jokes, then cut loose with a musical number. The odd combination lasted only one season, after which the two superhero camps made an amicable split.