The Hunter

October 22, 1988  
  Written by
  Directed by
  Main Super Heroes(s)
  Main Villain(s)
  Guest starring

Clark Kent goes on a holiday with his parents, but must leave as Superman when General Zod and his Phantom Zone companions Ursa and Faora create a creature known as the Hunter. The Hunter can transform into any material he wants and transforms into steel in order to kidnap Lois Lane. The Hunter then transforms himself into Kryptonite and apparently kills Superman. Superman, however, is only in a Kryptonian trance,[1] and Lois Lane awakens him. Superman destroys the Hunter and uses the Phantom Zone projector in order to send General Zod back to the Phantom Zone.

Companion Episode from The Superman Family Album


  1. As was previously seen in the Superfriends Season 6 episode The Death of Superman.
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