The Fifty Foot Woman

November 11, 1977
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Professor Amy Zahn has been researching a formula that will make women just as strong as men, thereby making them equal with men. She uses the untested formula on herself and grows to 50 Feet and escapes.

Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin receive the alert at the Hall of Justice from the professor's lab partner, Dr. Taylor.

In a nearby city, Professor Zahn terrorizes, crushes and cackles. Wonder Woman distracts her while Batman and Robin try to incapacitate her by spraying her. Unfortunately, Professor Zahn catches Batman and decides to experiment on him at the local harbor's Scientific Research Ship. Wonder Woman tells Robin to distract professor Zahn long enough for her to return with Dr. Taylor.

Robin traps her hand inside the ship and helps Batman escape. Wonder Woman brings in Dr. Taylor with an antidote to reverse the experiment. Just then Zahn frees herself and vows to catch the Superfriends. The Batjet and the Invisible jet prepare to catch Zahn but she catches the Invisible Jet and laughs in triumph. Taylor sprays her with the antidote and Zahn returns to normal size.

Later, at Professor Zahn's desert lab, professor Zahn apologizes for the trouble she caused, but Batman tells her the damages were limited to her lab. She declares that the only valuable strength in life is the strength of character and Wonder Woman said "Right, besides at 50 feet tall you wouldn't find anything in your dress size."

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