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Superman (1988)
Superman Family Album
The Driver's License

November 12, 1988  
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Clark goes for a drive with Pa Kent

Pa Kent teaches a teenage Clark how to drive, and his final test is to park the pickup truck between two oil drums. Like many student drivers, Clark has a tough time with parallel parking, and thinks he can get past it with his super breath! However, Pa Kent says the oil drums represent cars, and patiently explains to Clark that in the real world he cannot blow them around. After many stumbles, Clark manages to pass Pa Kent's test and is ready to try it officially at the DMV. Clark passes the written exam with flying colors and then goes on to the road test. Although Clark promised Pa Kent he will not use his super powers to cut corners, there are chances where they could be useful, such as using his super hearing to sense out-of-control vehicles. Although Clark handles himself on the road smoothly, his final test is at back at the parking lot of the DMV, where Mr. Kent has been waiting. The examiner orders Clark to park between two traffic cones! As Clark does it, Mr. Kent says to himself this is the moment. Clark does it without hitting either cone, and the examiner then tells Mr. Kent if everyone drove as smoothly as his son, there would be far less road accidents. Clark thanks his father for his lessons.

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