A strange man in a carrot suit is a contestant on the game show Treasure Quiz, but while he tries to find the grand prize blindfolded he trips and knocks himself out falling into the stands. He finally wakes up while they're shooting the nightly news and finds out a billionaire just bought a map that shows where a Cosmic Scepter with ultimate power is hidden. The Carrot-Man steals the map with the aid of a giant cornucopia that shoots vegetable projectiles, despite Plastic Man's attempts to stop him.

The map leads to a Tibetan village where Carrot Man threatens to crush them with a giant avocado unless they reveal where the Cosmic Scepter is hidden, which he tries to do anyway when Plastic Man shows up to distract the hero. Plastic Man saves the village by chopping up the avocado as it rolls past him, but Carrot Man gets the Cosmic Scepter and uses it to compel Plastic Man's friends to jump into a fire pit. Plastic Man manages to save his friends by changing himself into the thing carrots fear most: a rabbit.

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