October 16, 1985
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In this adventure we find the evil necromancer Felix Faust languishing in prison with the Penguin as his cellmate. A planetary alignment will let him use his magic to steal Superman's powers. During the incantation, the Penguin interrupts and gains the powers instead, easily breaking out of prison. Faust escapes and uses the Spirit Crystal to call three phantoms to aid in stealing back Superman's powers before the planetary alignment ends.


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  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Danny Dark     Superman
 Mark Taylor     Firestorm
 B.J. Ward     Wonder Woman
 Adam West     Aquaman
  G u e s t   C a s t  
 Michael Rye     Prison Guard 
 Peter Cullen     Felix Faust 
 Robert Morse     Penguin 
 Peter Cullen     Ghast 



Episode Title

  • The title refers to the theft of Superman's super powers that were transferred to the Penguin and later Felix Faust.
  • The proper title for this episode is The Case of the Stolen Powers, as the article is titled; however, a popular alternate title has been used multiple times: The Case of the Stolen Super Powers (which redirects here). This was the title used for the DVD release of the episode, possibly because the title card wasn't shown onscreen, and therefore the real title may have been forgotten. Many times that the show was aired on Cartoon Network the title was likewise not shown during the airing of the episode.



  • Although they are never called Demons Three, the three Phantoms clearly bear their likeness.
  • Felix Faust had summoned the Demons Three before in Justice League of America, #10 (March 1962).
  • Although Aquaman appeared in this episode, Bill Calloway did not provide the voice of him. Instead Adam West did.


  1. Technically this is episode 6, because it was a short.
  2. The name of the prison was never mentioned, but based upon the geographical location, it seems likely that it is Stryker's Island Penitentiary. So naturally this is conjecture, but still quite likely.
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