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The Brady Kids

The Brady Kids was an animated series made by Filmation and Paramount Television that ran for two seasons from 1972-1973. The show was based upon the live-action sitcom The Brady Bunch, and it focused on the adventures of the Brady kids. The show is probably best known for crossing over with the Super Friends series. Superman, Wonder Woman and the Lone Ranger all appeared in separate episodes, Superman and Wonder Woman's appearances pre-dated their appearance in their own series by about a year.

This series featured the same voice actors from the live action series, reprising their roles for animation. The series is distributed by CBS Television Distribution, and was released on DVD by CBS DVD on February 16, 2016.


  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Barry Williams (season 1) and Lane Scheimer (season 2)     Greg Brady
 Christopher Knight (season 1) and David E. Smith     Peter Brady
 Mike Lookinland     Bobby Brady
 Maureen McCormick (season 1) and Erika Scheimer (season 2)     Marcia Brady
 Eve Plumb     Jan Brady
 Susan Olsen     Cindy Brady
 Larry Storch     Marlon/Mop Top/Chuck White/Fleetwood
 Jane Webb     Ping, Pong and Babs

Episode List:

Season 1

    Ep #         Episode Name        Air Date    
1     Jungle Bungle, Part One         September 9, 1972    
2     Jungle Bungle, Part Two         September 9, 1972    
3     Double Trouble         September 23, 1972    
4     Long Gone Silver         September 30, 1972    
5     Cindy's Super Friend         October 7, 1972    
6     Pop Goes the Mynah         October 14, 1972    
7     Who Was That Dog...?         October 21, 1972    
8     It Ain't Necessarily Snow         October 28, 1972    
9     A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the End Zone         November 4, 1972    
10     That Was No Worthy Opponent, That Was My Sister         November 11, 1972    
11     You Took the Words Right Out of My Tape         November 18, 1972    
12     Give Me a Home Where the Panda Bears Roam and the Dog and the Mynah Bird Play         November 25, 1972    
13     It's All Greek to Me         December 2, 1972    
14     The Big Time         December 9, 1972    
15     Marlon's Birthday Party         December 16, 1972    
16     The Richest Man in the World         December 23, 1972    
17     Wings         December 30, 1972    

Season 2

    Ep #         Episode Name        Air Date    
18     Frankincense         September 8, 1973    
19     Teacher's Pet         September 15, 1973    
20     Marcia's Lib         September 22, 1973    
21     Ceiling Zero         September 29, 1973    
22     Who Believes in Ghosts?         October 6, 1973    


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