The Big Scoop

October 15, 1988  
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Dr. Glozer creates the Chronotron which is a device that lets someone look one hour into the future. Lex Luthor wants the machine and sends his men to kidnap Dr. Glozer and steal the machine. Looking through the Chronotron, Lex sees Clark turn into Superman. He arranges a train crash to force Clark to reveal that he is Superman, fortunately his plan fails. Lex then arranges a number of crimes to occur at the same times as disasters that appear in the Chronoton. Later Lex arranges to kidnap Clark Kent on live TV during a missile launch that Superman needs to stop. Lex wants Clark to reveal that he is Superman on live television, on the TV show "Metropolis Exposed." Fortunately, Superman arrives to stop the missile even though Clark remains on television. Lois destroys the Chronotron and it is revealed that the Clark Kent on television was really Jonathan Kent in disguise.

Companion Episode from The Superman Family Album

Overnight with the Scouts


  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Beau Weaver     Superman
 Ginny McSwain     Lois Lane
 Stanley Ralph Ross     Perry White
 Michael Bell     Lex Luthor
 Mark L. Taylor     Jimmy Olsen
 Alan Oppenheimer     Jonathan Kent
 Tress MacNeille     Martha Kent
 Lynne Marie Stewart     Jessica Morganberry


  • Wonder Woman is referenced in this episode when Lois says: "If Clark's Superman, then I'm Wonder Woman!"
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