The Monster of Dr. Droid: The evil Dr. Droid brings an 8-foot tall robot monster to life, and causes havoc to a town. Superman and Wonder Woman must try to defeat the robot and Dr. Droid's actions.

Safety: In a control room at the Hall of Justice, Robin wonders what caused a computer to malfunction.  Batman declared it was due to too many plugs into a socket and overloading. The viewers learn that such practice is a fire hazard. In addition, frayed cords and loose plugs are a shock hazard.

Vandals: Two teenage boys reluctantly vandalize the school's print shop on a dare, and their lives end up at risk when they are caught in an elevator about to collapse while trying to escape.

Decoder: Aquaman swims underwater and gives the clue to the first half of the week's code word, which is the last part of his name (MAN). In part two, he swims inside a shipwreck, into its galley, and stirs something in a stew pot (STIR is the second part of the code word). The solution was revealed after "Superfriends vs. Superfriends": MAN and STIR form a word which sounds like MONSTER, which was a key element in "Superfriends vs. Superfriends".

Superfriends vs. Superfriends: Citizens of Oceana, an underwater city, abduct the Superfriends (except for the Wonder Twins) who are later forced to compete in gladiatoral competitions.

Craft (Part I): Superman flies onto a beach with a treasure chest nearby, in which he discovers an old seafearer's telescope, then some spools, glue and paint, which gives him an idea for creating a homemade model of a telescope, which he will demonstrate how to make during the intermission to "Energy Mass".

Energy Mass: Description coming soon.

Craft (Part Ii): During the intermission to "Energy Mass", Superman shows the viewers how to create a homemade model of a telescope using spools, glue, paint, and a soda straw.

Health: After "Energy Mass", Wonder Woman reminds a boy about the importance of keeping emergency numbers near the telephone, while firefighters were heading to a building that is on fire.

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