Forbidden Power: Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman must stop a scientist from harnessing a dangerous power source, despite all the warnings that the power is evil.

Pressure Point: A teenager attempts to jump a gorge in order to prove to his friends that he's a great cyclist, and only the Wonder Twins can save him.

The Lionmen: Lionex, a lion like criminal, plans to steal Earth's resourcers for his employers by spliting the Earth into four . And to make matters worse, he has a kryptonite force field around his ship.

Magic (Part I): Batman and Robin demonstrate to an unnamed female assistant and the viewers, the egg in the purse trick.

Day of the Rats: Batman, Robin, and Black Vulcan must stop a pack of rats driven insane by the sound of device that was supposed to drive them away.

Magic (Part II): During the intermission to "Day of the Rats", the secret to the egg in the purse trick was revealed. Batman quickly inserted the egg into the purse as the woman was not looking towards the bag. Robin then realized afterwards they were going to be late for their performance, so as the segment closes, the dynamic duo pulls a disappearing act by fading away into thin air, and the female assistant and an unseen audience applauded.

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