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Season Two
The All-New Super Friends Hour (1977)
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9/10/1977 to 12/17/1977
15 regular / plus 45 shorts

Creative Director:
Produced by:
Executive Producers:
Joseph Barbera
William Hanna

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Season 2, Introduction

Season 2, Introduction

Series Summary

Episode Lengths: 30 minute adventures, 7 minute shorts, 4 minute morality plays & 6 minute adventures

The fall 1976 – spring 1977 reruns of the Super Friends in a half-hour format proved successful enough to cause The All-New Super Friends Hour in the 8:00 AM timeslot.

It ran from September 10, 1977 to December 16, 1977 the ABC Network.

This was the big revival series that would help make the Super Friends a must watch series on Saturday mornings for the next few years.

The fact that SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE was being filmed for release the following year, The NEW ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN TV show with Lynda Carter airing Friday nights on the CBS Network, and The New Adventures of Batman (February 5, 1977 - May 21, 1977), a new Filmation cartoon with the voices of Adam West and Burt Ward airing on CBS Saturday mornings, were probably some contributing factors to the Super Friends making their big comeback.

More young children and teenagers than before tuned in, making The All-New Super Friends Hour a huge ratings success. The success prompted the ABC television network to plan a new and even more innovative series for the fall of 1978.


The hour differed from the previous show, in that it had a different format:

  • First up were seven-minute adventures featuring two members of the main Super Friends’ team.
  • Next were four-minute morality plays starring the Wonder Twins (who replaced the first series’ Wendy Harris, Marvin White, and Wonder Dog). These youthful trainees were aliens from Exxor: Zan (male) and Jayna (female) with their pet monkey Gleek. The twins also wore Teen Trouble Alerts allowing endangered teens to signal them.
  • Next was a one half-hour adventure with all of the Super Friends.
  • Along with these stories were several 30-second pro-social tips for the home viewing audience: safety tips, craft-building and magic trick tips, and decoders which gave kids the opportunity to guess a mystery word pertaining to that day’s half-hour adventure. A health-oriented spot concludes each episode.
  • There was also the addition of a few multicultural heroes invented by Hanna-Barbera exclusively for the show: Black Vulcan (who was based on stolen from the DC Comics character Black Lightning), Apache Chief, and Samurai. These characters were created to add racial and cultural diversity to the show.
  • Last but not least were six-minute adventures teaming a Super Friend main team member with a guest Super Friend as they dealt with threats of nature or disasters such as volcanoes or storms. Several of the guest stars were the above mentioned new network-created ethnic superheroes.


The 15 hour-long shows[1] were later cut into half-hour installments for local syndication[2] in the early 1980s; episodes from the 1977 series were included in The Superman/Batman Adventures, which aired on the USA Network in 1996 and later on the Cartoon Network and Boomerang Network, which would air the original hour-long shows from 1977 in their full-blown entirety (save for the next-week previews) in July 2004, and again in June 2008.


  • Three somewhat minor DC villains did appear in this series.
  • In addition, the before mentioned, Filmation’s the The New Adventures of Batman, marked the first time any cartoon characters (namely Batman and Robin) ever appeared on 2 different networks on 2 different shows by 2 different companies, voiced over by 2 different pairs of actors at the same time.
  • The SuperFriends also got a new narrator in the voice work of William "Bill" Woodson, who would narrate most of the SuperFriends series all the way to SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show of 1984. If you watch any episode of the SuperFriends between 1977 and 1984, you will definitely recognize that dramatic sounding narration.
  • Superman was absent for three episodes.
  • Batman and Robin were absent for one episode.
  • Wonder Woman was absent for two episodes
  • Aquaman was absent for two episodes.



Junior SuperFriends:

Also starring

Villain Cast:

Episode List:

    Ep #         Full Length Segments        The Short Segments     Air Date    
1     The Brain Machine         Joy Ride    

    Invasion of the Earthors    
    The Whirlpool    

    September 10, 1977    
2     The Secret Four         Tiger on the Loose    

    The Mysterious Time Creatures    
    The Antidote    

    September 17, 1977    
3     City in a Bottle         Invasion of the Hydronoids    

    Space Emergency    

    September 24, 1977   
4     Day of the Plant Creatures         Doctor Fright    

    Drag Race    

    October 1, 1977    
5     Superfriends vs. Superfriends‎         The Monster of Dr. Droid    

    Energy Mass‎    

    October 8, 1977    
6     Planet of the Neanderthals         The Enforcer    

    Flood of Diamonds    

    October 15, 1977    
7     Coming of the Arthropods         The Invisible Menace    

    River of Doom    

    October 22, 1977    
8     The Water Beast         Attack of the Giant Squid    

    Game of Chicken    

    October 29, 1977    
9     The Mind Maidens         The Collector    

    Alaska Peril    

    November 5, 1977    
10     Exploration Earth         The Fifty Foot Woman    

    Attack of the Killer Bees    

    November 12, 1977    
11     The Lionmen‎         Forbidden Power    

    Pressure Point    
    The Day of the Rats    

    November 19, 1977    
12     The Tiny World of Terror         The Man-Beasts of Xra    

    Tibetan Raiders    

    November 24, 1977    
13     The Mummy of Nazca‎         Frozen Peril    

    Dangerous Prank    
    Cable Car Rescue    

    November 26, 1977    
14     Will the World Collide?         The Marsh Monster    

    The Runaways‎    
    Time Rescue    

    December 3, 1977    
15     The Ghost         The Protector    


    December 10, 1977    

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DVD / Media info

Warner Home Video (via DC Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera Productions and Warner Bros. Family Entertainment) released The All-New Super Friends Hour - Season 1, Volume 1 on DVD [3] on January 8, 2008 containing 7 episodes (28 cartoons). However the episodes are not in the order they originally aired on ABC.

On January 27, 2009, Warner released The All-New Super Friends Hour - Season 1, Volume 2 featuring the remaining eight episodes.

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
Season 1, Volume 1 7 (28 cartoons) January 8, 2008
Season 1, Volume 2 8 (32 cartoons) January 27, 2009

The two-part DVD set of all the series is available through Amazon. They are re-mastered, uncut and complete with their PSA and decoder segments, which were mostly edited out of syndication.

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