Mordru singing his version of That's Entertainment!

That's Entertainment! was a popular song written by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz, and was first published in 1952.

Mordru once sang a sort of "evil" version of the song to the Super Friends at their Hall of Heroes, after which Batman tosses a cream pie in his face.[1]

Original Lyrics

The Clown With His Pants Falling Down
Or The Dance That's A Dream Of Romance
Or The Scene Where The Villain Is Mean
That's Entertainment!
The Lights On The Lady In Tights
Or The Bride With The Guy On The Side
Or The Ball Where She Gives Him A Roar
That's Entertainment!
The Plot Can Be Hot, Simply Teeming With Sex
A Gay Divorcee Who Is After Her Ex
It Can Be Oedipus Rex
Where A Chap Kills His Father
And Causes A Lot Of Bother
The Clerk Who Is Thrown Out Of Work
By The Boss Who Is Thrown For A Loss
By This Girl Who Is Doin' Him Dirt
The World Is A Stage,
The Stage Is A World Of Entertainment!
It Might Be A Fight Like You See On The Screen
A Swain Getting Slain For The Lot Of A Queen
Some Great Shakespearean Scene
Where A Ghost And A Prince Meet
And Everyone Ends In Mincemeats
The Gag May Be Waving The Flag
That Began With A Mystical Hand
Hip Hooray, The American Way
The World Is A Stage,
The Stage Is A World Of Entertainment!

Mordru's Version

You May Not Be So Anxious To Abuse Us
You Try To Understand What Things Amuse Us
A Brute Who Thinks Torture Is Cute
Or A Cheat Who Finds Larceny Neat
Or A Swine Who Says Murder's Divine
That's Entertainment!
A Flood Turning Cities To Mud
Or A Blaze That Keeps Burning For Days
Or A Quake Even Richter Can't Take
That's Entertainment!
Now It Might Be A Blaze On The Crops Of Iran
A Drought Wiping Out All The Rice In Japan
Some Great Invention Of Man
Like An Aerosol Sprayer
That Kills the Ozone Layer
A Louse Buys His Grandmother's House
Ups the Rent Though She Hasn't A Cent
Granny's Sweet But She's Out On The Street
Oh The World Is A Mess But Nevertheless It's Entertainment!
Killers, Plunder, Looting
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
Now The Pain Yes The Pain Of A Serious Strain
The Delight Of A Rattlesnake Bite
And The Grin When Rigor Mortis Sets In
That's Entertainment!
Oh Youth Who's Already Uncouth
Wants To Meet Pretty Girls On The Street
With A Plan That Jack The Ripper Began
That's Entertainment!
I Dig Any Big Catastrophic Device
A Ship With A Grip Of A Mountain Of Ice
I Think Diseases Are Nice
A Condition That's Chronic
A Plague That Is Bubonic
The Jolt Of My Lightning Bolt
I Can Use On Any One That I Choose
And Right Now I Will Show You Just How
And That's My Idea Of Entertainment!


  1. As seen in the Legends of the Superheroes episode The Roast (1979).

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