Tamaran is a planet in the Vega star system. It is the home world of the alien race known as the Tamaraneans.


The home world of the Tamaraneans is called Tamaran, which lies approximately 26 light-years from Earth in the star-system Vega. It is the eighth planet in the Vegan system.

Tamaran is populated by a race of golden-skinned humanoids who are descended from a feline race and who worship the goddess X'Hal. Many thousands of years ago, the Tamaranean race either migrated or was brought to Tamaran from the neighboring planet Okaara. As they made the world their own, the Tamaraneans established a planetary government that evolved into a feudal society. Each landmass was ruled by a royal family, under the dominion of which exist smaller city-states ruled by Influential families.

The Tamaraneans are a passionate people driven more by emotion than reason. While they are unusually fierce warriors, their capacity for love is even greater than their capacity for hate; as a result, war and strife were for many centuries long forgotten on Tamaran. Instead, the people channeled their energies into creating a tropical utopia, a paradise where they could live in harmony with the wildlife and where battle skills were maintained largely for ceremony's sake.

Unfortunately, with the rise in power in the Vegan system of the bloodthirsty race called the Citadel, Tamaran was eventually reintroduced to war. Tamaran re-ouffitted its armies and, led by the royal house of King Myand'r, managed to lend off a Citadelian invasion for more than an Earth century. Tamaran's defenses, however, were finally breached when Myand'r's daughter Komand'r defected to the Citadel and revealed crucial military secrets. In the ensuing battle, millions of Tamaraneans were killed; the entire race would have been annihilated had not King Myand'r ruefully negotiated a solemn truce, the signature of which involved sacrificing his other daughter, Koriand'r, to the slavers of the Citadel.[2]




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