A Talokite.[1]

The Talokites were a blue skinned humanoid species from the planet Talok III.


Originally from Talok III, the Talokites colonized the planet Talok VIII, the eighth planet in their native system. Much of their culture was centered around their religion, which was founded on a deep reverence for the shadows which gave them life. Every generation, a defender of the planet was born with formidable shadow powers that came from within Talok itself. One defender was Lyrissa Mallor, who was turned over to the Alien Alliance by the Talokite rulers to avoid involving Talok in the Dominators' war against the Earth. Mallor later became the acting commander of L.E.G.I.O.N.

The entity known as Starr on Talok VIII, and began a systematic takeover of the planet's political and computer systems. In Mallor's absence, he convinced the ruling body to appoint him the new planetary champion. He also preyed upon their superstitions to take possession of Lydea Mallor, the infant daughter of Lyrissa, and heir to the position of planetary defender. Starr accelerated Lydea's growth, and instilled an overpowering hatred of her mother in her psyche. He then sent "Lydea Darkstar" to Cairn, where she managed to mortally wound Lyrissa before being taken into L.E.G.I.O.N. custody.

Under the leadership of Vril Dox, the L.E.G.I.O.N. traveled to Talok VIII and destroyed Starr's body, leaving the planet without a champion.[2]


The technological level of the Talokites was roughly equal to Humans, but was different in subtle ways due to climatological variations. Much of the native technology had been supplemented by its contact with other worlds, which had introduced them to space flight, among other innovations.[3]


The physiology of a Talokite wasn't much different than a human. They were able to survive in the vacuum of space longer than a Human though.

They also had longer life spans as well. In fact, even at the age of one hundred, the average Talokite was still in their prime.

Known Talokites


  • The Talokites first appeared in Adventure Comics # 365 (February 1968).[4]


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