Joker voices

I'm seeing a lot of voice actors listed here that I don't think should be. I'm pretty sure Frank Welker being listed is correct, as I'm almost certain he did his voice in season 9. I'm also pretty sure that Larry Storch was from the Filmation cartoons so that's fine too. (needs to be cited though) There's a few others that are fine, but most of them need to go. Heath Ledger? Come on...why would we have him on here? I don't have a problem with Jack Nicholson, since he, just like Michael Keaton have been seen in photographs promoting certain toys.

But as for most of the other actors on the list...I don't think so...I think they need to go, unless someone could come up with a good reason to keep them. I don't see how they are remotely connected to the Superfriends franchise at all though.

--Noah Tall (talk) 15:07, November 3, 2018 (UTC)

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