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  • In the comics (Earth-Two and Earth-Forty continuity), Giganta was an ape that Professor Zool turned into a woman. She and Grodd recall her Earth-Forty origin and history (even though that Giganta was blond not a brunette) but it is later revealed that is not her actual origin.

First of all, referring to History of Doom as occurring later is inaccurate, as it predates Super Friends # 30.

Second, Professor Zool was not mentioned in that I recall, it was Grodd who was responsible for her origin. (obviously we'll have to consult the issue to be sure)

Third, both stories from both sources are two different chapters of her origin story, and one neither contradicts the other. In the mainstream comic books, Giganta didn't even have the ability to grow large. That was entirely made up for the Superfriends series. She was simply and ape turned into an Amazon...she had super strength. We see her use her super strength to knock over a boulder in History of Doom, so that implies there was more to her story from before that "chapter" of her origin.

--Noah Tall (talk) 08:13, September 14, 2018 (UTC)

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