The TARDIS was a time machine and a spaceship used by an alien known only as the Doctor.

TARDIS was an acronym that stood for Time and Relative Dimension In Space.

It had what was referred to as a "chameleon circuit," which allowed it to take on the shape and appearance of any object so as to camouflage with any place it traveled to.

For example, if it were to travel to New York City in the 30th century, it might take on the appearance of a Time Bubble. Or if it were to travel to Africa during the Pleistocene Era it might take on the form of a large prehistoric tree.

It should be noted however, that since this circuit was damaged, it no longer functioned properly, and the TARDIS was stuck with the appearance, shape and size of a police telephone booth.

Also, the inside of the spacecraft was considerably larger than it was on the outside of the craft.



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The TARDIS was located on a London street corner when Batman and Robin were in England attempting to apprehend the Mad Hatter.[2]



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