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Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth
Species: Human

Sweet Tooth was a small-time crook with a pension for candy. Sweet Tooth like almost all Batman rogues from that era rely on gadgets, and weapons that fit their motif. He always uses candy to either escape or attack Batman and Robin.



Sweet Tooth tried to change Gotham's water supply into chocolate and blackmail the city for five million dollars which he doubled to ten million after Robin made a pun about his weight.

His plot to blackmail Gotham into paying for their water back was foiled when Robin infiltrated Sweet Tooth's criminal organization. Then Batman along with Batgirl found Sweet Tooth's water locking device and have him trapped along with his gang in his own taffy wade with his candy cannon. Sweet Tooth ordered his henchmen to try and eat their way out, but the kids who cannot eat anymore give up. Batman then comments on sending Sweet Tooth to jail, and taking the children to the dentist and then to juvenile detention center.

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