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'Swamp of the Living Dead'

November 11, 1978
Written by
Jeffrey Scott
Directed by
Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano
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Main Villain(s)
Guest starring

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A witch helps the Legion of Doom make a deal with a nameless Evil Being that gives them control over the living dead.

Plot Summary

The Legion of Doom see a witch walking around in their swamp and figure she must be a spy sent by the SuperFriends. When they confront her, she offers to show them the greatest evil power of all and summons the Evil Being. He offers to give them the power of evil if they give an equal amount of the power of good, and the Scarecrow suggests they give the SuperFriends. The Evil Being tells them to bring the SuperFriends to the swamp. The SuperFriends are lured there, dragged by dead branches and plants beneath the swamp, and placed in glass coffins where they are gassed unconscious. The Evil Being gives the Legion control over zombies that the Legion uses to attack a government plutonium plant on the edge of the swamp. The Legion then decide they should be the greatest evil in the universe and try to capture the Evil Being and exploit all its power for themselves. They force the witch to conjure up the Evil Being, but it easily escapes and turns the zombies against them, which break into the Hall of Doom, forcing the Legion out. To save their own skins, the Legion releases the SuperFriends. Acting on the witch's advice, the SuperFriends tie the zombies to dead trees with dead vines, which destroys them, turning them back into mud. The Hall of Doom refuels at the plant, but the SuperFriends intercept it. Before the SuperFriends can capture the Legion, however, the witch appears again and says she did a favor for good and must now do one for evil and transports the Legion to safety. She laughs, turning into the Evil Being and disappears.


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Coming Soon!


  • The Evil Being in this episode appears to be Satan, although obviously it isn't named as such for censorship reasons.

Episode Title

The title is supposed to be a parody of the Night of the Living Dead; a zombie film from the '60s.

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Season 3a: new SuperFriends (1978)
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