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Swamp Thing Animated Title
Swamp Thing


April 20, 1991
Original Channel
Original Run
April 20, 1991 – May 18, 1991

Based On
Andy Heyward
Executive Producer(s)

"Swamp Thing! ...You are amazing!" - Opening Theme

Swamp Thing opening theme

Swamp Thing opening theme

Swamp Thing was a short lived television series that ran five episodes in 1991. The show featured the marsh superhero known as Swamp Thing. It was made by DIC Entertainment and Batfilm Productions. The show even spawned a toyline and a video game that was based on the series.

The animated series rejects the popular Alan Moore revision of Swamp Thing's origin and portrays him with his original origin as a man turned into a plant-like entity.

Anton Arcane takes the role of the main villain responsible for Alec Holland's transformation into Swamp Thing. Arcane is backed by his gang of Un-Men: Dr. Deemo, Weedkiller, and Skinman.

Swamp Thing also has two friends named Tomahawk and Bayou Jack. Tomahawk is Native American.[2] Bayou Jack is a Vietnam veteran.




Supporting Cast

Episode List:

    Ep #         Episode Name        Air Date    
1     The Un-Men Unleashed         April 20, 1991    
2     To Live Forever         April 27, 1991    
3     Falling Red Star         May 4, 1991    
4     Legend of the Lost Cavern         May 11, 1991    
5     Experiment in Terror         May 16, 1991    

DVD / Media info


Swamp Thing - Guardian of the Earth DVD cover

On August 31, 2004, UAVCO released Swamp Thing - Guardian of the Earth to DVD. This set includes all five episodes of the series and was released in time to promote UAVCO's Animation Station line-up.[3][4]

The DVD is currently out of print.


  1. The show also aired on NBC. Several years after that it was picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel.
  2. not to be confused with the DC/Vertigo character, Thomas Hawk, who was a soldier in the American Revolution rescued by Native Americans.
  3. Swamp Thing DVD News: Animated series gets DVD release in August (June 17, 2004).
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