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The Suvians were a race of Humanoids from a planet called Suvia; which was located somewhere in outer space.

Some members of their race came to Earth on a mission of invasion. These were bandits however, and were arrested by members of their own kind.[2]


Little was known about their physiology.

Their skin was green in color, and they had a total of eight fingers; four on each hand.

Upon first glance, and at a distance; one might think that they were bald, but they weren't; in fact they had green hair, suggesting they were mammals.

Their hair was difficult to notice at times because it was the exact same color as their skin.

Unlike Aquaman and his pal Aqualad, they weren't amphibious or fish-like, as they needed environmental suits in order to survive underwater.


They had highly advanced technology.

They used flying saucers for spaceflight, which were obviously considerably faster than the speed of light, which allowed them to cross such a vast distance across outer space so that they could reach Earth.

They possessed ray guns, which were even capable of firing underwater.

They had some type of tech that allowed them to create massive tidal waves as well.


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