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The Supermobile under attack by Sun creatures

The Supermobile is Superman's personal space car. It can also travel through outer space. Though under normal circumatances the Man of Steel would never have needed it for really any reason, its construction proved to be a major aid to him, and the Justice League, when creatures from the Sun began attacking earth. Before he could do anything personally to cease the attack, the sun itself altered to emit red sun radiation, and this crippled the Man of Steel. Never one to be brought down by his situation, Superman took the chance to show off his car to the other Leaguers, and eventually, the attack was repelled and the Supermobile retired until it was further needed.

It was later used again in Terror From the Phantom Zone when Superman was rapidly aged due to red kryptonite and too weak to travel into space in hopes of finding blue kryptonite to heal him.

It was also used in Journey Through Inner Space by Superman and Wonder Woman to travel inside a mutated Aquaman's body.

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