Superman films

Wonder Woman talking about the 2013 reboot "Man of Steel," one of several Superman films.[1]

The Superman films were a number of films that were made that starred an actor playing Superman.



The actor known as Gregory Reed played Superman in a number of television shows and movies.[2]

Alternate Earth (Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice)

Wonder Woman told the Superfriends that the reason she made a sex tape was because she wasn't all that popular, but Superman and Batman were immensely popular with their film franchises.[3]

Superman films in the real world

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In the real world, the Superman film franchise, not counting the serials or Superman and the Mole Men[4]; truly began in 1978.

It was believed that making a person believe a man could fly would be impossible, and that the movie would have to be a silly parody. When Richard Donner came on board for the film, this changed, as he rewrote the script and found a way to make it less goofy; and the effects for creating flight on screen came later.

The Superman films shaped the superhero genre in films; becoming a template for pretty much all movies to follow, setting a blockbuster standard at Hollywood.

John Williams wrote and composed the Theme from Superman.

The actor to portray Superman on the big screen was Christopher Reeve, often considered the "epitome" of Superman. Many actors or portrayals of Superman to come later were often modeled after Reeve. When creating the character design for Superman in the Superman animated series in 1988, his likeness and personality were essential to the development of that version of the character.

Super Friends references

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