Superman Family

Top Row: Supergirl and Superman; Bottom Left: Superboy; Krypto and Streaky; Beppo and the Superman of Earth-Two; all members of the Superman Family.[1]

The Superman Family was any one who was considered a member of Superman's superhero family, namely characters who were his allies in many situations, most of whom even shared his super powers.

List of Superman Family members

Super Pets

Friends of the Superman Family

Characters who were counterparts of Superman


  1. This image was taken from a variety of sources; the Supergirl picture was taken from an Underoos advertisement; the Superman image was taken from an episode of the Superfriends; the image of Superboy was taken from a Kenner commercial for the Superman: Man of Steel action figures; Krypto was taken from a Filmation cartoon; while Beppo and the Earth-2 Superman were taken from the Superman 75 Years special.

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