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Superman Man of Steel


Superman: Man of Steel was an action figure line produced by Kenner in 1994.

The line was directly linked to the later Total Justice line that was also released by Kenner.

History of the line

After the Legends of Batman line, Kenner decided to focus on another character from the Super Powers Collection; this time it was Superman and all of the related characters from the Superman Family.

The line was clearly based on the post-Death of Superman comics of the period, and even Superman was sporting a mullet hair style.

New characters were included in this line, that were never before seen in any episode of the Superfriends or even the 1988 Superman series from Ruby-Spears. These included the likes of Steel, Superboy and the supervillain known as Doomsday.

Gulliver Juguetes, who had previously released figures for the South American line, also released two figures for this line; although they were labeled as Super Powers figures. These were released in 1994. Kenner began releasing its' figures the following year, in 1995.

Just like its' sister line Legends of Batman, Superman: Man of Steel featured trading cards from SkyBox in every package along with the figure.

The success of this line eventually led to the development of more figures, this time from the greater DC Universe. That line came to be known as Total Justice, which was released in 1996.


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