A blind Superboy uses his Super hearing.[1]

Superhuman Senses refer to any type of senses that are beyond human capability. While Kryptonians are under a yellow sun, they possess a great number of heightened senses, far beyond the human range, such as hearing, sight and smell.

There are also senses that are typically beyond human capability at any level. For example, a martian has nine different senses, and some beings have senses that make them cosmically aware, giving the ability to even sense things from beyond the dimensional barrier. For example, the Monitor can sense his counterpart from the Antimatter Universe.

Still others are even clairvoyant, precognitive or retrocognitive, which means they are capable of learning information about people by touching or making other forms of contact with something that belonged or belongs to them, which could give them their whole life story, possibly from the beginning to the end, the past, present and future.


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