April 1987

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This issue is the twenty-forth issue of the Super Friends comic book published by Editora Abril; which was labeled as a Superamigos product.

It featured reprinted stories from DC Comics featuring the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Justice League and Swamp Thing.

All the stories in this issue were translated from their original English to Portuguese.

Reprinted Stories

"Oblivion Upon Us" (June 1985)

This was the third issue of the twelve issue series Crisis on Infinite Earths.

"The Final Crisis" (November 1985)

This story was part of an arc that began in the previous issue of JLA, then continued in Infinity, Inc. # 19,[1] then again in this issue of JLA, 245 and 246.

"By Demons Driven" (August 1984)

A Swamp Thing story written by Alan Moore, and dedicated to Jack Kirby.


  • This issue has 84 pages.


  1. Infinity, Inc. # 19 also tied into All-Star Squadron # 50, Infinity, Inc. # 20, Infinity, Inc. # 21, Crisis on Infinite Earths # 5, Infinity, Inc. # 22, Infinity, Inc. # 23, Crisis on Infinite Earths # 7, Infinity, Inc. # 24, Infinity, Inc. # 25, Infinity, Inc. # 26, Infinity, Inc. # 27, Infinity, Inc. # 28 and Infinity, Inc. # 29
    These stories dealt mainly with the Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Infinity, Inc.'s conflict with Helix.

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