Filmation Character
Super Spaceman
Super Spaceman
Species: Spacemen
Homeworld: Spacemen Homeworld
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: none
Eyes: black
Base: Spacemen Military Complex
Affiliations: Spacemen Fleet

The Super Spaceman was an alien who stole Superboy's super powers with the aid of an Energy Transference Device. He is eventually defeated by Superboy and his superdog Krypto.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers


  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat: As a soldier, presumably he would be efficient in combat. He did hold his own against Krypto, who himself is a well trained dog. He did eventually lose however.


  • Kryptonite: Presumably Kryptonite of various types can affect Super Spacemen, as long as he has Superboy's powers.
  • Magic: Magic is essentially the manipulation of primordial energies, as such, much of it is more powerful even than the Boy of Steel, and the same would likely be the case with Super Spaceman.
  • Red Solar Energy: Any solar system that the Super Spaceman might enter that has a red sun, would drain his powers.


The Adventures of Superboy


  1. As seen in The Trap of the Super Spacemen.
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