Super Powers Team Space Shuttle
SF Ship2.jpg

The Super Powers Team used this shuttle for intergalactic Space travel.

It was equipped to locate stargates and travel dimensionally.

It also seemed to be capable of ejecting its' cockpit in extreme emergencies, and thereby becoming a lifeboat.[1]


Season 9 (1985):

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  1. We say "seemed to be," because Firestorm might have been the one who actually changed the cockpit into a lifeboat with his Molecular Reconstruction abilities. In other words, it's possible the spaceship itself was not designed to do that. Still, it seems likely that it was actually a function of the ship, since it was Superman's idea; after all before it happened he said "There's only one way out of this!" and then it cut to the next scene. That's a pretty good indicator that there's some sort of separation system that allows the cockpit to eject.
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