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The official Super Heroes logo.

An alternate logo used by Downtown Bookworks.[1]

The Super Heroes label was common on multiple Super Friends products.

Sometimes, as it was in the case of The World's Greatest Super-Heroes! figures, it is rendered Super-Heroes (with a hyphen), and at other times it may be rendered as Superheroes, DC Super Heroes, Legends of Super Heroes, Heroes or even Legendary Heroes and American Hero.

Another label that was often shown on Mexican products was Los Vengadores, which was Spanish for Avengers. This wasn't just shown on action figures that were of the Avengers however, as many characters were shown that were not part of that team; and furthermore, also DC characters as well.

The reason for some companies using the Super Heroes label and all of its' variants rather than Super Friends or Super Powers was likely due to the fact that various companies were attempting to brand both DC Comics and Marvel Comics superheroes and supervillains, whereas Super Friends and Super Powers were strictly DC Comics brands.[2]

Super Heroes labeled products




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  1. This image was taken from Downtown Bookworks Official Website.
  2. Marvel didn't really have an equivalent brand to Super Friends or Super Powers.

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