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November 1976
“The Fury of the Super Foes”
(17 pages)
Ric Estrada
Joe Orlando
Vince Colletta
Jerry Serpe
Milt Snappin
Joe Orlando

The Super Friends go to three separate locations to stop a band of their old enemies and their enemies’ proteges from stealing the components of a super-robot.

Story continues in next issue.

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


First Appearance


  • Footnotes try to establish continuity with Earth-One.[1] What ends up happening is that fans designate SuperFriends universe, Earth-1A.
  • Bridwell makes it very clear that the SuperFriends are sort of a volunteer organization, under the umbrella of the Justice League of America.
  • Bridwell also takes the time to explain that Robin is not a Justice League member.
  • In the letters column of this issue, writer E. Nelson Bridwell explains that Marvin White is the son of Daniel White and Diana Prince White, and Wendy Harris is the niece of Harvey Harris, old mentor to the Batman.
  • The Toyman seen in this issue is Winslow Schott, whereas the character depicted in the continuity of the cartoon was believed to be Jack Nimball, the second Toyman.


  1. Go to the DC Database for more on Earth-One.
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