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First Issue Date
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November 1, 1976
August 1, 1981
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The Super Friends had an ongoing comic book series published from 1976 until 1981.

The stories were further adventures of the popular Hanna-Barbera animated series, The Super Friends.

It began after the 1973 season of the TV series was canceled. It focused on the SuperFriends, and Wendy and Marvin. Then in 1977, when the SuperFriends cartoon was relaunched with Zan and Jayna, instead of Wendy and Marvin;[1] the comic followed suit. It showed how the kids "retired" to attend college and even gave an origin story to the Wonder Twins.

Although the comic overlapped several seasons of the Superfriends, we assume that the entire series takes place chronologically between Season 1 and 2.[2]

This comicbook series was responsible for creating the Global Guardians. Although it would not be till 1982 in the parallel universe of Earth-One that they go by that designation.

Like its TV counterpart the SuperFriends Comicbook was responsible for introducing several international superheroes.

In Latin America, the series was called "Superamigos" (Spanish/Portuguese for Superfriends). These issues were published by Editora Abril and featured reprints of the English language DC Comics translated into the native language, none of which were even part of the American Superfriends comic, but were reprints of Warlord, Daring Adventures of Supergirl, Camelot 3000 and even Crisis On Infinite Earths.


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  1. The first eight issues would include Wendy and Marvin.
  2. The reason this is, because for only Season 1 of the series, the Hall of Justice was located in Gotham City. Apparently, the Hall of Justice is located in Gotham for the entirety of the comic book series.
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