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Your Favorite Television Super-Team Is Back!

President & Editor and Chief
Jennette Kahn
Vice President & Publisher
Paul Levitz
Executive Editor
Mike Carlin
Editor, Collected Edition
Nick J. Napolitano
Associate Editor, Collected Edition
Scott Nybakken
Editors, Original Edition
Joe Orlando
Dennis O'Neil
Larry Hama
Julius Schwaetz
Associate Editor, Original Series
Design Editor
Geory Brewer
Cover Artists
Ramona Fradon
Bob Smith

Ramona Fradon
Alext Toth
Ric Estrada
Kurt Schaffenberger
Bob Smith
Joe Orlando
Vince Colletta
Alex Toth
Jerry Serpe
Gene D'Angelo
Adrienne Roy
Liz Berube
Milt Snapinn
Ben Oda
Todd Klein
Shelly Leferman

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