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Lex Luthor wearing a shadow suit running down a street in SUICIDE SLUM.

Suicide Slum[1] was the derogatory name, and the most commonly used name for Hob's Bay,[2] a district in Metropolis. It was known for being a rundown neighborhood and high in crime and violence.




Superman (TV series)


  • Suicide Slum made its' first appearance in Star Spangled Comics # 7 (April 1942). At that point it was a neighborhood in New York City, but later, on Earth-One it was revealed to be a neighborhood in Metropolis.
  • In the Post-Infinite Crisis reality, Suicide Slum is revealed to be on the South side of town. The Super Friends universe seems to be closer to the Pre-Crisis Earth-One continuity, which shows that not to be the case. Suicide Slum is more centralized, west of Downtown Metropolis but still on the central island of New Troy, which is in the center of town.


  1. This name was never used. It's just conjecture based on the comics.
  2. Hob's Bay is the name of the neighborhood as well as the bay in Hob's River.