Marvin tries to see if the giant magnet has any effect on his Superfriends wristband made of steel.[1]

Steel was an iron alloy[2] made primarily from carbon. It was one of the strongest metals on Earth. Superman was often referred to as the Man of Steel, because of his awesome super strength and invulnerability. Although technically Superman was not made of steel, and was in fact far more powerful than steel.

Marvin had a Superfriends wristband that was made of steel. While on Mystery Mountain, his wristband was caught in a magnetic field, due to the powerful magnet known as the Shamon U, which was created by Doctor Shamon.

When a whale was on the street outside of the Hall of Justice, Superman came, and using his "Muscles of steel," he lifted the creature and returned it to the ocean where it belonged.[3]

FRERP was a type of plastic that was stronger than steel, but lighter than aluminum.[4]

When a skyscraper was about to collapse, Superman examined a girder made of steel, realizing that the faulty steel was the reason the building nearly collapsed.[5]

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