Steak bone

Wonder Dog enjoying a steak bone.[1]

A steak bone was a steak on its' bone. Wonder Dog was quite fond of this type of meat.

When the Jr. Superfriends were on Doctor LeBon's spaceship near the planet Cygnus-Uno, hiding in the galley, Wonder Dog was eating a steak bone, and Wendy Harris told him that as soon as they get back to Earth, he's going on a diet.[2]

Later on, as Wilbur discovers the kids in the galley, this startles Wonder Dog, who then jumps up into Marvin White's arms, causing the steak bone to end up in Marvin's mouth.[3]

Wonder Dog once snooped into the Justice League Commissary to grab some steak bones from his food storage, even though he was supposed to be on a diet.[4]

Wonder Dog later takes those steak bones with him outside the Hall of Justice, and unknown to him, Wendy placed a micro-dot homing device on him, which allowed them to track him down. When they find him, he is eating the steak bones, and they harshly criticize him, telling him that he's supposed to be on a diet and he's going to get fat if he doesn't stop. They take the steak bone away from him, but they didn't realize he had another one hidden, and he grabs it, and begins eating it.[5]


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