A Starhavenite.[1]

The Starhavenites are a human subspecies native to the planet known as Starhaven.

They are the descendants of American Indian colonists, who left Earth to find a planet more suitable to their culture.


After thousands of years of persecution and unfair treatment on their native Earth, a colony of American Indians emigrated from Earth in search of a more spiritually pure homeland. After generations of travel, they found Starhaven, in the sparsely populated core of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Bringing with them the traditions and love of the land of their early Terran ancestors, the colonizing Amerinds settled Starhaven with respect for its unspoiled beauty.

Starhavenites still maintain the customs and traditions passed down from their Native American ancestors who originally emigrated here in the 23rd century. However unlike their ancestors, they possess wings, giving them the ability of flight, this resulting from genetic experimentation.[2]

Known Starhavenites


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