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Starfish Island

Starfish Island[1]

Starfish Island was an island located on the planet known as Earth.

It was located somewhere in or near the region of the South Seas.



History unknown.

Earth 5C10L1

Starfish Island was shaped like a starfish, because for countless ages, the great Star Conqueror known as Starro slept beneath the ground there.

When Oliver Queen was lost at sea, he ended up on Starfish Island and was forced to learn the art of survival and archery so that he could eat. While he was there he fashioned some clothing for himself out of leaves from various plants located on the island.

When a pirate ship arrived at the island, Oliver had a chance to get home, but he was scared to face the pirates, because he was afraid he would die, but Xeen Arrow, a powerful being from Dimension Xero arrives and encourages him to use his newfound skill of archery to become a crime-fighter. He even gave the archer some trick arrows to use and he took out the pirates and presumably took the ship back to the states, where he became a hero known as Green Arrow.[2]

Known inhabitants


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