St Martins Island

A high hill on St. Martin's Island[1]

St. Martin's Island is one of the six boroughs of Metropolis. It is located in Metropolis Bay, slightly northeast of New Troy, and directly north of Hell's Gate. To the north, is Bakerline. St. Martin's Island is known for being the home to the wealthy citizens of Metropolis.[2] In fact, one of the cities most wealthiest residents lives there, Lex Luthor.



  1. As seen in Destroy the Defendroids. The person "taking this picture" assuming there was one, would have been looking to the west. You can see Park Ridge in the background in the upper right hand corner. The water in the background is Hob's River and Hob's Bay. And in the not-so-distant background is New Troy, mainly the Central Business District.
  2. As told in the comics.
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