Super Powers Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock - 1


Super Powers Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock - 2

Another variant of the figures, with different paint jobs.[2]

Action figures

Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus

Action figure line

Super Powers Collection


Jugetes Yayita


The figures don't look much like their comic book counterparts, however they are an interesting find, with two figures in one package. These aren't DC Comics characters at all, which would lead one to wonder what they are doing in the Super Powers Collection, although this isn't uncommon for foreign figures of the line. This is marked as a Super Amigos figure, much like other Super Powers figures that were made in that part of the world.

The card is very unique, in that it features the cover artwork of DC vs. Marvel # 4 (May 1996), so in a way I suppose the use of Marvel characters can be rationalized by this. The characters shown on the card are Deadeye, Spider-Boy, Nightcreeper, Cyclops, Angelhawk, Doctor Strangefate, Wonder Woman, Storm, Batman, Wolverine, Superman and Captain America.


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