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"Flash" Gordon to 20th Century Fox Television
20th Level Intellect to Alexis Carrington
Alexis Colby to Armored truck robbers
Armored truck robbers' car to Batman (Super Heroes figure)
Batman (Super Power figure) to Boomerang
Boomerang (TV channel) to Cargo
Cargo net to Cold manipulation
Cole Cash to Dancing
Dandahu Ocean to Domestic pig
Dominican Republic to Empire State Building
Empire of Evil to Flaming arrow
Flanged mace to Geoff Johns
Geography to Green Lantern Ring
Green Lantern and Robin (Super Powers figures) to Hob's Bay
Hob's River to Ira Quimby
Iraq to Judas Thaddaeus
Jude the Apostle to Kryptonian Science Council
Kryptonian Space Ark to Loneliness
Lonesome Pine Cave to Materials
Materioptikon to Miss Grimm
Miss Morganberry to Negative Man
Negative Superman to Owlwoman
Oxygen to Police car 17
Police officer (The Baffles Puzzle) to Ralph Dibny
Ralph Nader to Roy Harper
Roy Harper, Jr. to Seismograph
Seismological Bureau to South American man
South American village to Sudan
Sue Dearbon to Supergirl: The Girl of Steel
Supergirl (Super Powers figure) to That's What Super Friends Are For
That '70s Show to The Origin of Superman
The Origin of the Wonder Twins to Tom Hawk
Tom Jenkins to United States Marine Corps
United States Military to Weekend at Bernie's
Weekend at Bernie's II to Zur-En-Arrh Batman (DC Super Friends Toy)
Zuun to Σωκράτης
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