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"Flash" Gordon to 2050
2050s to Alec Baldwin
Alec Holland to Arctic
Arctic Breath to Bat rope
Bat satellite to Blood transfusions
Bloodhound to Camelon
Camelot to Chunky Chicken
Church to Cry Of The Coda
Crying to Dhorian
Di Prince's Boutique to Earth-1A Timeline
Earth-1A Universe to Exxorian Monkey Language
Exxorian Space Monkey to French Police
French Quarter to Gold Volcano
Gold mine to Hand-to-Hand Combat
Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) to Houston Astros
Houston Control to Jack
Jack (Royal Flush Gang) to Justice League Headquarters
Justice League International to L. Frank Baum
LA 311 to Los Angeles
Los Angeles Dodgers to Matrix Conversion Coupe (Superman: Man of Steel toy)
Matt Hagen to Miniaturizing ray
Minimus Mole to Nathaniel Christopher Adam
Nation to Organic
Organic net to Plant Master
Plant Soldier to Quakes
Quality Comics to Robot (The Androids)
Robot Chicken to Scrappy-Doo
Screwdriver to Slade Joseph Wilson
Slade Wilson to Star Sapphire (Super Powers figure)
Star Sapphire Gem to Super Friends series
Super Friends toys to TV series
Tabitha St. Germain to The Distant Past
The Doctor to The World's Deadliest Game
The World's Greatest Super-Heroes! to Trial
Trial of the SuperFriends to Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein's Monster to Wind
Wind manipulation to Σωκράτης
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